This blog is motivated by an experience I have every week. An experience I have never figured out what to do with, until now…  I preach. And when I am done there is always something I forgot to say.  Something I thought was really important. Something I had in my notes. Something I took time to prepare. Something I wish I could go back and add.  But I can’t. So, I just kick myself for it. And try to insert my missed point into conversations following the service. And I leave, still wishing that I would have said what I forgot to say.

Then I realized… that something that I forgot to say is free content for a weekly blog.  Why waste it? Now I get to say what I forgot to say! While these short posts consistently expose my forgetfulness in preaching, I hope that they might also extend the blessing of the weekend message into your week and that you are blessed in hearing what I forgot to say!