Family Sabbath School class is designed to:

•    Be an enjoyable time for families to learn and study together

•    Empower fathers and mothers to teach their children to love Christ with their whole beings and follow Him in their day to day experiences as well

•    Enable families to not only know Christ’s commands but to make following those commands a part of their daily life

•    Create opportunities for family members to know Christ’s character and nurture that character in their lives and the lives of their children

•    Improve unity in family relationships as family members work together on personal growth and family harmony projects

How will these objectives be accomplished?
•    Through song, memorization, story, and presentation of Scripture and interpretation of that Scripture

•    Through active teaching which will target all age groups.  It is important that each age group be attentive to all teaching that they are cognitively able to understand.

•    Through completion of personal and family study, memory work, and family projects on a daily basis between class sessions.  Like all education, it only becomes learning when learners are actively participating and applying the material being presented. The Holy Spirit will faithfully bring about changes in participants’ lives when they involve themselves in this way.

Class format:
•    Two weeks will be devoted to focusing on each of Christ’s forty-nine commands and their related character qualities.

•    Week one will be introductory in nature with projects to help families learn more.

•    Week two will be more in depth learning as well as sharing what was learned by families during the previous weeks application projects.

Materials that will be used during this class:
•    Commands of Christ, Series One through Seven
•    The Power of True Success, How to Build Character is Your Life