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Pioneer Puddle Jumpers, Are Here!

Thank you for your interest in Adventurers!
The Adventurers Club is where younger children can come to jump into God's word in an easy-to-understand way. We introduce the children to deep thoughts and help them understand who God is, how much He loves them, and how they can show their love for Him, too.

The children will enjoy hearing stories, doing crafts, earning different awards, and playing games all while learning practical skills.

Eligable grades for children wishing to join Adventurers includes Pre-K* - 4th grade.

The classes are as follows:

Little Lambs: Ages 3-4 or Pre-K
Eager Beavers: Ages 4-5 or K
Busy Bees: Grade 1
Sunbeams: Grade 2
Builders: Grade 3
Helping Hands: Grade 4

(There is also a Master Guide class available to any adult that wishes to dedicate their time to Youth Ministries)
*Minimum age 3. 3 years old will be required to complete the Little Lambs class for 2 years. Parents/guardian of Little Lambs are required to attend each meeting.
Adventures is very similar to it's sister-club, Pathfinders, and we hope our children will look forward to graduating to Pathfinders when the time comes. 

If you'd like to know more about Adventurers please click HERE.

The Adventure club is currently looking for staff and volunteers. If you are interested please contact the church at or Kathryn Arndt at or 907-720-0513. Thank you.